Thai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient healing practice that combines passive yoga stretches, meditation, palming, and thumbing along the body’s energy lines (see meridians). Referred to as, “the lazy man’s yoga,” these gentle stretches release tension, improving overall circulation and hydration of the body.

In receiving the treatment, you are also receiving the benefits of a Hatha yoga practice. Studies have shown that Thai Yoga Bodywork can:

• Reduce stress and muscle tension
• Decrease pain and improve flexibility
• Improve sleep, especially deep sleep
• Increase energy and productivity
• Improve mood and outlook

What to Expect
Thai Yoga Bodywork is unlike traditional massage. There are no oils used during the treatment, and the service is performed on a padded mat in loose and comfortable clothing. Please dress comfortably in long loose-fitting pants or yoga pants. You may want to wear socks, depending on your comfort-level.