We are currently accepting registration for the Fall 2020-21 term. Please use the online form below to register your student. Please note that all instruction for Fall 2020 is online. We are working closely with CPS administrators to accommodate regular class schedules. Please feel free to contact Jenna Meek at jenna@existyoga.com with any questions.

Don’t see your program listed? If you are interested in establishing an ExistKids after-school program at your school, please Contact Us for more information.

Do not see your program listed? If you are interested in bringing the ExistKids Yoga & Mindfulness program to your school, please email us at contact@existyoga.com for more information.
Days are offered per cohort to accommodate the potential blended learning schedule. Should students return to full-time in-person instruction, we will adjust the class time around students' bus schedules.
If you selected "yes, and my information is the same", please provide the name of the student and your payment preference. No other information is needed. If your information has changed, please provide your student's name, update the registration form where changes are applicable, and select your payment preference.
ExistKids is a program for students in K-12. We currently do not offer preschool programs.
Please provide the name of a secondary contact in case the Parent/Guardian can not be reached.
(You will receive a payment reminder the week before classes begin. You have the option to pay online or bring a check to the first class.)
(ExistKids provides a minimum of one needs-based scholarship per class. By requesting a partial scholarship, you enable us to share scholarship funds with more students. We will contact you, prior to the first class, if your request is approved.)
Thank you for enrolling your child in the ExistKids Yoga & Mindfulness program. You can expect a confirmation email within a week of your registration. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: contact@existyoga.com.